Friday, August 28, 2020

How to Stand Firm in a Negative Situation

Guest post by Sonal Gaur

Do you think life's been throwing curveballs at you and you're unable to hit it?  That life's been tougher than expected and you're going to lose it?  Well, if you are a human then such questions surely have been ticking in your head constantly.

Life can be a bit harsh sometimes when nothing goes according to you and everything is just a mess.  But, this is what life is, a package of both happy and sad moments.  We know how to handle our joy and excitement, no one needs a tutor for that.  But this does not go the same for challenging situations.

While positive situations make us happy, negative situations can make us either weak or strong.  It depends on the choices we make. But whatever the scenario is, one can adapt ways to deal with these overwhelming situations effectively

Here are a few tips on how you can stay positive in situations of crisis:

Accept the Situation

Every person has to face adverse situations in their life and you are not an exception to it.  When something bad happens, accept it and do not live in denial; because what happened cannot be changed, and living in denial will only make it worse.  Accept the fact that you'll have to face adverse situations too.  Life's not always rainbows and sunshine.  There will be times when you are exposed to dark clouds and storms.

Let Out Your Emotions

When you feel your mind is consumed with negative thoughts and emotions, let it all out.  Bottling up your emotions is never a solution.  Share whatever you feel with someone you can trust.  Talk to people, express what you truly feel.  It's always good to have a pair of ears listening to you then suffering alone.  Do not let your emotions take over you, and destroy you internally.  Take the high road of vulnerability because being vulnerable is not a weakness, it takes courage for that.

Do Not Over Exaggerate

We all are prone to sore situations.  Every living soul has to suffer and struggle in one way or the other.  If you believe you're the only one suffering and everyone else is living a satisfactory life then you are so wrong.  There are people out there living a hell of a life.  It's not like your problem is not big enough but do not overgeneralize it.  If you're going through a breakup, it doesn't mean your life's going to end then and there.  Think of it in this way that someone better might be waiting for you.  Do not play the victim card but try to be a victor by recognizing the actual intensity of the problem.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the best ways of healing and building resilience.  Mindfulness is all about being aware of yourself and your surroundings.  When I say ‘being aware,’ it doesn't mean - " Yes, I know what my mom is cooking, what my brother is blabbering about, and everything else around me." But it means being present in the situation mindfully.  Even when you're taking a sip of tea, smell it, feel the taste of it, feel the joy that it gives without thinking about anything else but only about the tea.  Such mindfulness exercises help in building a positive attitude towards every situation.

Make a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is the best way to appreciate the good things that have happened in your life.  And, when I say a journal, it doesn't mean something like 'Dear diary' or anything like that.  But it's simply a diary where you jot down the things you're grateful for.  It reflects your positive attitude towards life and helps you recognize the cheerful moments of your day.  It can be anything like having your favourite meal cooked by your mother, getting good marks, having a promotion, having a good night's sleep, having great friends.  When you express your gratitude towards such little things, it gives you not only happiness but satisfaction too.

Look at the Positive Side

Every situation has two sides to it.  If something unwelcoming happens to you, try to see it's positive aspects.  You might think it's easier said than done and how can you see good in a worse situation, but even a little spark of positivity is enough to lit up the flame of hope and contentment.  As Karma says, " Everything happens for a reason." It doesn't mean if you failed an exam just to justify your actions you say everything has a reason behind it, it's not my fault and stops working hard.  But to believe that if something bad happened, it might be to make a better version of yourself or that something better is about to happen and this is the path towards it!

Life's tantrums can be a bit too much to handle sometimes, but it can be dealt with if you stick to your positive attitude and fight back with your problems.  Remember, it's not the troublesome situations that weaken you, but the fact that you let them affect you negatively.  So, take the driver's seat and do not let the situations and negative emotions drive your life!

What do you think? Can you handle negative situations effectively? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

About the Author

Sonal Gour is a final year psychology student who loves to sink her thoughts into the ocean of ink.  Though she is writing poetry for years, she has recently started writing it publicly on Instagram.

Instagram Handle:  Ruminative Spirit

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