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I am glad that you chose to get to know me.  My name is Preeti Gaur and I am the voice behind Scenario of Life.  I have studied dietetics and beauty culture, but that is not my profession though.  I am a Healthcare Documentation Editor or you can say a Medical Language Specialist by profession.  I consider myself a lifelong learner, a career woman, and a dreamer.  I understand and fully believe that in order to reach the top I have to start from the bottom and I am fully prepared to do this.  You can find a reflection of me here on my blog.

Here are 'Ten Random Facts' about me:

1.  Diet.? I am a vegetarian since childhood.
2.  I have 2 major cravings - chocolate and ice cream.
3.  I like to talk to the moon.  Yeah, you heard it right, I said “MOON.”
4.  My favorite wear is Saree.  It covers the right amount and exposes the right amount. ;-)
5.  I am a shopaholic.
6.  My wardrobe always consists of a red and black colored dress.
7.  I like Winter and Monsoon seasons, but Monsoon is probably my favorite.
8.  I say more “Nos” than “Yes."
9.  I love Sunshine if you know what I mean ;-) 
10. And yeah, I love being me, “Mai apni favorite hoon.”

Want to know more about me and how I started blogging.? Please click here.

Hope this website turns out to be a platform to connect with new people, my readers, and to create a community of like-minded people and exchange great ideas.

Looking forward to a lot of happy readers. :-)

Please feel free to leave me a comment.

Thank you for visiting my space.

Stay Blessed, Be Happy..!! :-)

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