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I believe that stories can inspire a change because, no doubt, stories are powerful and are great tools of influence.  And hence, I have decided to embark upon a journey to publishing some inspiring and empowering stories and/or contents that will give positive vibes, whose author is going to be YOU!

Yes! You got me right.  I’m looking for sassy and insightful content to complement my own.

If you are a writer/blogger then you must know that guest posting is one of the best ways to expand your audience and drive traffic to your site.  So if you think, you have a story that can empower and uplift my audience, then why not submit it as a guest post?

And this is not for bloggers only.  You really don’t have to be a blogger to share your story.  This is inclusive for everyone out there.  I have found that there are so many people who find value in sharing their stories to those who hear them.  So if you are looking for a platform to share your written piece of work and moving stories then there is a place for you to share.  Through writing for Scenario of Life, you can share your wisdom with the world and can improve lives, so let’s move beyond the social circle and let the world know.  Whether your story is filled with happiness and laughter or heartbreak and tears, you can submit it here and if your post stands out to me then I’ll publish it right here on Scenario of Life.  And yes, I am not charging a single penny, publication here is completely free.

Sounds good?  If so, then let’s move forward.

Familiarize yourself with my content.  You can also read my introduction post to get an idea of what I cover on my blog and how I started blogging.

Here are few simple requirements you need to comply with:
  • The content should be fresh and by that I mean it has not been previously published elsewhere, including your own site.
  • It should be of minimum 600 words without fillers.
  • It should be free of spellings and grammatical errors.
  • You must be active in the comments section of the post for at least the first 8 days after publishing.
  • You must diligently promote your guest post during its first week.  I’m happy to cross-promote too!.
  • One relevant link i.e. a link to your website will be included in your bio.
Nothing too crazy, right?

So, are you ready to pitch your post idea?

What? Did you say yes..??

Oh, that’s great!!  I look forward to reading your work and working with you!  Once your pitch is accepted after reviewing, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

To add your voice to Scenario of Life, please click the button below and fill the form.

Guest Blogging invitations are welcome!

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