Saturday, April 13, 2019

Jumping Back in the Blogging Saddle

Hello Everyone,

How you have been since you have visited my blog last time?
If you are visiting this place for the first time then welcome to my space.  :-)

Well, I am happy to report that I am finally back after a few crazy weeks of blogging hiatus.  I have never gone that long without writing and it was not even conscious decision as such, it just happened.  I had so many things going on that I did not have time to squeeze it all in.  The past few weeks have been a serious whirlwind and have been huge transitions for me.

On that note, I have something very exciting to share with you all which some of you might know about.  My last few weeks were super busy as I was planning my engagement, wedding, pre-wedding-post wedding shoots, so as honeymoon and juggling the usual tasks that life throws at us.

Me in my wedding attire

Oh yeah, you read it right.  "I got married," married with the love of my life after being in a relationship of seven years and I must admit, it was so much fun, I literally had the best day.  I got married following two different wedding rituals as my partner and I belongs to two different religions.  Here in India, there are different religions with their own traditions and cultures, thus in every religion, a wedding takes place differently and are traditionally multi-day celebrations which involve many convoluted ceremonies that are performed with utmost care and in accordance with ancient practices; and I had 5 days of wedding ceremonies including the main wedding day which I will treasure forever.

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Having said that, coming from a different religion, there was a little stress in the family such as how the things will going to happen but the whole thing was altogether drama-free, beautiful, and fun.  I felt so overwhelmed but in the best possible way.  It was so wonderful for us to be surrounded by our close people.  We had a beautiful day filled with love and with near and dear ones.  Everyone enjoyed the wedding ceremony.  It was such a surreal feeling and one I will treasure forever.

So yeah, I obviously couldn’t be blogging while planning pre and post-wedding stuff and thus I just couldn’t give my blog the attention that it deserved.  But this doesn't mean I have not missed all this; I have missed blogging so much and I have missed all of you loving people too.  And now I am jumping back in the blogging saddle with the energy to keep creating and I am so excited for all of the future content I am going to post.

Oh yeah, did I mention that our photographer took 4500 photos (literally)? which is indeed a huge number and it won't be possible to share all the snaps here but yeah I am leaving you guys with some of the pictures here; hope you will like it.


The Wedding Day Looks

Honeymoon Snaps


Stay Blessed, Be Happy..!! :-)

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