Saturday, October 21, 2017

The 5-day study plan!

Guest post by Mohit Gour

Hello Everyone,

Hope your Diwali week is going super.
“It’s the fifth day of Diwali today i.e. Bhai Dooj (a day dedicated to brothers and sisters), and I am really honored to write this post on my sister's blog on this day for the very first time.  My name is Mohit Gour.  I am pursuing Engineering and in final year now.”
This article is an overview of information and contains helpful pointers for study planning.  I would like to share my personal experience here.  My 5-day study plan before exam includes a proportional amount of study along with music, selfies, Youtube, Facebook and other social media platform, khana pina, chilling at the park etc.  I don’t believe in “Rattaficatiion” (rote learning).  I believe in studying 70-80 hours per subject.  Soch samajh ke, chill maar ke padhai karo.  I don’t run to complete my 100% syllabus, but still, I manage to complete almost my 85-95% syllabus.  And this strategy always helps me to solve 70-80 out of 80 marks paper.  So, let’s take a look at the amount of effort required to plan your studying schedule.

1.  Analyze Your Syllabus

Before you start your studies, you should analyze your syllabus which will make sure what you have to study about, what are the easy units/topics for you and what is difficult once that will act as a barrier.  Also, when you analyze your syllabus, it becomes easy to manage your time properly which will save your precious time.

2.  Where and how to start

After analyzing your syllabus, you know what you have to study.  Now, the question arises where and how to start study for a particular subject.  So before proceeding with any subject, first refer to the previous years/semesters question papers of your university.  Check and examine it.  Old question papers provide you an insight into how question papers are prepared.  In old questions papers, you can see that few questions are constantly repeated.   Now, you might think that these questions are constantly repeated so this question will come in the forthcoming exam too and you will start learning it by heart whether you understand it or not.  But, this is not the case always.  So don't do that.  If any question is being repeated again and again, it doesn't mean that question is important.   It means that the portion from which that question is taken that is important.  So prepare that whole portion properly because that has the possibility to come in the forthcoming exam.  Give such portions first priority and later go for other topics.  One more thing to keep in mind is that try to solve the previous years' question papers.  It will help you to understand the question paper pattern.

3.  Don’t be a rote learner

Remember one thing always.  Don’t learn by heart all the provided notes.  Though, you can use your provided notes, books, or internet for reference.  Go through the topic, understand it and then make your own notes.  In this way, you will have a better understanding of the topic.  Don’t panic if you don't understand anything.  Stay calm and take help from someone, use Google or YouTube for better understanding.  You must write and practice what you are studying as much as possible.  Do meaningful learning instead of rote learning.

4.  Group studies

Studying in a group helps in spending time on studies for a longer time.  Also, it is useful, that if your friend has doubt about any topic, you can explain the topic to him and hence can help you be attentive with the subject too and vice versa.  So give your preference to group studies (if you are comfortable with it).

5.  Concentration

The "secret" to studying efficiently and effectively is not putting in long hours a day.  It's the use and application of a slew of smart study strategies, including test/exam preparation, as proven by peak-performing students in Singapore.  You need to allot more or less time depending on the difficulty of the topic.  Change your routine every day as much as possible; by doing that you feel refreshed and thus can concentrate.  You can take help of music too to cope up with concentration.  Since everyone is different, different music can work for different people.  Make your mind stable and then start with your study again.

Drink proper amount of water!

So this is all about my strategies of study.  Feel free to share your opinions and you can share your study plans too. 

Happy learning and all the best with your studies.

Mohit Gour


  1. Love the idea of group studies! I'm about to study for a major exam. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! It's a great idea to do group studies. You can try it. All the best for your exam.
      Thanks for the comment.


  2. this takes me back to my childhood and parts of my adulthood. Happy studying!


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