Saturday, November 25, 2017

"Silver Lining On The Dark Clouds!"

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are in the pink of your health!

I know you must have seen ups and downs in your life.  Isn’t it?  I myself have too, but not more than my mom of course.

She has seen various ups and downs of life, but has always stayed stronger.  I have never seen a woman as strong as her.  She got married at very young age of "15 and half" where it was just normal at that time.  And she delivered her first baby at the age of 17.  By the age of 24, she had 3 girl children and 3 abortions seeking a boy child because her father-in-law wanted a grandson.  The third abortion that she has had risked her life and doctor said “if she will conceive again, she won't be able to survive.”  And since then she started experiencing number of health problems by every passing years.

Morning of the hope
She is now 45 and for the last few years, she started having pelvic pain and back pain, which exacerbated during the menstrual period.  She visited and consulted number of doctors and all of them said it was a swelling in her uterus and they all used to give medications for the same.  But things didn’t go well even after the regular treatment.  It was just the last month when she again began having pain in her pelvic and she went to a nursing home and there it was the only doctor who said “it’s not just a swelling, it’s more than that; it’s something big.”  She felt something similar to a 4 months old pregnancy and asked to do an ultrasound the next morning urgently.  We (and by we, I mean, myself, my mom, dad, and sisters) all were shocked after coming across this news.

        Something like 4 months old pregnancy…like really?
        What could it be?
        How the other doctors could not diagnose this ever?
        How could they miss this?
        What could be the reason?

We began having such thoughts and discussed the situation at home for long.

The next morning my mom went for the ultrasound, the lab result came back and the doctor was right.  Test result revealed a mass that is grown in her uterus with a long diameter of 8 cm.  It was painful during palpation with no other abdominal masses.  It was also noted that she had ulcer in cervix.  She has had very bad condition internally.  We never thought the swelling would turn into something like this.  Preoperatively a uterine fibroid was suspected and a hysterectomy (a procedure for removal of uterus) with histopathological exam was decided to be practiced as soon as possible.

There is a wedding in the family in coming December, so my mom was denying doing the surgery before the wedding and was asking to do it afterwards.  At one point, we all agreed, consulted a doctor and decided to do it after the marriage celebration.  But, unfortunately her condition was deteriorating day by day.  The symptoms had not been in control even after two weeks.  Hence, we decided to go for an operation immediately.  After all, "nothing is more important than health."  Isn’t it?

My mom was admitted to a hospital (nursing home) on Tuesday, 14th November 2017, due to uterine fibroids.  After the entire test performed, she was taken to the operation theater the next morning.  To combat this discomfort and prevent further tissue growth, an abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was performed.   Dr. Kavita Meshram and her team of professionals performed the surgery which came out to be a success as the doctor through her profound expertise could remove the uterus along with the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and cervix.

Following the procedure, the team of doctors appreciated my mom for co-operating them so well.  She came from the operation theater happy and smiling.  We were so relieved and thankful.  But as soon as the effect of anesthesia wears off, she started having unbearable pain, her blood pressure went down to 88/48.  We got crumpled.  Doctor and her team somehow managed to normalize her blood pressure, but she still had extreme pain for at least 24 hours.  Meanwhile, the specimen was sent for the histopathological exam.  She was still writhing in pain.  Hence, was under observation for 4 days there.  She was discharged to home on day 5th in stable condition.

Three days back the histopathological exam report came and it revealed benign intramural leiomyoma of the uterus, unremarkable endometrium, chronic cervicitis with benign follicular cyst right ovary and corpus luteal cyst left ovary.

I can say - it was the right decision at the right time to go for an operation.  And we are glad the surgery has been done successfully.

Freedom from pain
Medications and care helped my mom during her stay in the hospital and gave us peace of mind.  The staff, from the receptionist to the nurses and the doctors (God bless you Dr. Meshram) was friendly and professional.  We are fortunate with the experiences we had with the team of physicians, nurses and other hospital staff.  Many patients came to the hospital sick and left walking and talking.  I just want to say the staff “Thank YOU!!” My mom is healing well and I owe it to God and the staff’s care.

Stay blessed, Be happy..!! :-)


  1. God be glorified for all he has done. The Lord saw your family through and strengthen your during the challenges. It is well.

  2. True ,sad , #untold story of every 90's mother in India..Well expressed situation and emotions.
    take care of your mother 😃
    This post was #awesome.

  3. What an ordeal. I am glad that your mom is okay and healing well.

  4. I am so sorry for the emotional and physical trauma your mom has undergone over the years. Let's hope that there will be fewer stories like this one to be told in the future... And thank you, as always, for your beautiful and articulate writing!

  5. Glad your mum is fine, such a scary thing to happen and thank God to all the doctors out there.

  6. Praise God for the care she received! I am sure it is a long road, but I pray healing is quick and recovery is full!

  7. Geez! I can't imagine the pain your mother or you, as her child, went through. I'm glad that she is now healing. What a vulnerable story... thank you for sharing it with others.

  8. Hope ur mom will recover very soon and just hats off to u n all the members of ur family, stay strong. Ur mom is a great fighter.

  9. Get well soonest to xour mM and how lucky she is for having you.

  10. "Surgery" is a very scarry word to hear, moreover to attend that procedure. Thank God for your mother's health progress. Healthy is very important for us in order to do many activities. So we will do all effort to keep the good health status. I have ever in that surgery condition so I can feel what your mother's heart. Take care and hope the best for our health.

  11. Love your mother and cherish her forever! Always take care of her!

  12. I am so glad to hear that your mother is doing well. Such great news!

  13. I hope your mom is feeling better now.. Take care of her and don't worry she will b fine..

  14. So glad your mom is ok! That sounds like it was a scary situation!

  15. I am glad that the operation was a success but it must have taken a toll on you people. Stay well!

  16. Health challenges are truly the sum of many physical, emotional, genetic, epigenetic and environmental experiences. Healing too comes from a combination of love, good medical care, rest and hope. Wishing your mom the very best as she continues to heal, and sending much gratitude to her medical team!

  17. The flow of the story is so beautiful. I am glad that it ended on a happy note.

  18. Hi Preeti,
    We are glad to hear that the operation of your mom went well, and thank God for she recovers. She is indeed a very strong woman. We can imagine you and family must have felt during this times of turbulance but we are at peace thst you surpass it win over it.
    Sending you virtual hugs.

    Your virtual friends,
    Crisly and John

  19. I am sorry for what happened to your mother and I wish her a speed recovery..I personally believe that every Mother is a saint, and they are the strongest support system for the entire family..
    God bless you and your family

  20. I am so sorry to hear this I too have discovered that I have this as well.


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