Friday, October 12, 2018

How to Live a Happier and Meaningful Life

Guest post by Amira Halilovic

Everyone who has faced or is facing any kind of problems, stress, disbelief, knows how hard it is to stay positive in certain situations and sometimes a way out isn't a clear point of view.  But, the ones who have gone through with it becomes stronger and that strength is something that will always keep them going.

Finding or creating your own strength isn't as easy as it sounds, but it's something we all have inside of us, we just have to pull it out.  Nowadays, we are surrounded by everyday stress because of work, personal problems or other and also very negative people.  All those factors contribute to having a depressed, sad life, negative thoughts and lack of self-confidence.  We worry about how we will go through certain problems, where is the solution, we don't know how we can achieve certain goals, because it seems impossible or we worry about speaking out and what others will think.  Does that sound like you?

Taking all of those things out and becoming a happy, positive person won't occur overnight, it takes time.  One has to stand for themselves and say enough – you have to speak out loudly, tell what you think and never be afraid to tell your own opinion, stand up for yourself and believe that everything is possible if you never stop working on it.  Nothing in life comes easy, if it was so easy, then everyone would do it or have it.  But, it all starts in our mind – we become what we believe.

How to Change?

1.  Stop Stressing and Overthinking

It is much harder to do than it sounds but just goes with the flow, don't overthink about it and you will go through it, always take one step at a time.

2.  Speak Out Your Thoughts

Never be afraid of telling your own opinion or sharing your ideas.  We all have the right to speak.

3.  Surround Yourself With Positive People and Communicate

Being around good people is important for our mental health as they bring good and positive energy, they're someone to talk to and spend time with.

4.  Think About the Things You Want to do and do them

We all have some wishes, dreams, goals we aim for and it's time to think about how we can do it and stop thinking about how impossible or hard it will be.

5.  Believe

Believe that everything is possible – as it is, we just have to keep working for it.

6.  Take Time for Yourself

Never forget to take time for yourself to completely relax and recharge your batteries.  It will help you with maintaining the happy, positive life and also your focus.

Everything starts and ends in our mindset.  Think about all those celebrities you know and look up to, they weren't always who they know, it took hard work and never giving up to achieve their goals.  Same goes for all of us.

It's important to keep in mind, that what kind of life we will have, mostly depends on us.  Keep working for that wish until it comes true.  It takes more than just short period of time to be completely reborn and turn from negative person to a positive person and to stop worrying about everything and letting it be solved all one step at a time.  What's really important and a key factor to a happier and meaningful life is to honestly believe in your capabilities – you can have it all you just have to put your but to work and believe everything will sort out with time.  Nothing lasts forever.

We all have to keep working, keep smiling and not worry about unimportant things or unimportant people, it all depends on what WE want.

What you want is what you need and nobody else.

About the Author

Amira Halilovic is a lifestyle blogger from Slovenia.  Based on her passions and interest, she is well known with all things beauty, fashion and also health from her different journeys.  She loves educating herself about those topics to be more known with them and to be able to help and inspire as many people as she can.  Apart from her blogging job, she loves to listen to others and motivate them.
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