Saturday, June 2, 2018

Little Things that Matter Most in Life

Guest post by Deeksha Tripathi

Life is a gift of God to all of us. Whatever be its challenges, we have to face them all. Life is not the same always. Happiness and sadness are inseparable parts of life. Nobody has got a perfect life. Everyone faces ups and downs. Now, what’s important here is how we take things that come in our life every day.  Big things whether good or bad don’t happen every day. So life is basically made up of "Little Things". These little things matter most for our general happiness.

So, let’s take a look at some of the little things which matter most in our life.

Be Thankful to God

The first thing that is of utmost importance is being thankful for everything we have got in our life. If we are getting food to eat every day, clothes to wear, a permanent roof on our head to protect us from all types of weather we are luckier than 50% of the world’s population! So, need I give you more reasons to feel yourself truly blessed? You are extremely lucky if you have friends and family to look after you. Just look around you there are so many people who sleep on the roadside, hungry and thirsty. There are kids who unlike our kids live unprotected lives earning their bread on their own; deprived of education. Be thankful to God for all His gifts. Stop taking things for granted which you have got without much pain.

Think Positively

Depression, stress, frustration are parts of today’s life. These ultimately lead to negative thinking. We often start feeling that we are the unlucky ones, born to suffer. To avoid this negative thinking, we must focus on the things that make us happy. For instance, spending time with our loved ones, pursuing a hobby, doing some social work whatever makes us feel our worth we must do that. Moreover, as I said earlier we are luckier than 50% of world population who are actually leading a miserable life. So, bring positivity in your life by seeing the brighter aspect of life.

Be Generous

So, now we know that we are the lucky ones to have got whatever we possess! What we need to do after this realization is being generous in sharing what we have. Things which are useless to us can be of great value to others. So donate generously your old clothes, shoes, home furnishing, toys, edibles whatever you can. You can donate your things to anyone who is in need; your poor relatives, friends, servants or anyone around you.

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Be Honest to Yourself

Don’t ever lie to yourself. If you love something; admit and do it [provided it’s legal ;)] For example, if you love to listen to loud music or dance crazily do it whenever you can. Give due importance to your own space and enjoy it when you have it. When you are honest with yourself, you will be able to keep your promises to others too. It will increase your belief and esteem in yourself.

Have Pets

Having a pet is like having an unselfish and a loving friend by your side always. They don’t expect or complain about anything. They give you what you need the most- love! They bring happiness and positivity in your life by making you feel how important you are for them. Innocence and dedication of pets are incomparable. They make us smile even in the saddest days of our life.

Love Yourself

If you love yourself, only then you can love others. Self -respect and self-care are very essential. Look good, keep yourself fit, dress up well, put on a little make-up, carry right accessories and laugh a lot. These things gonna boost your self-confidence cheer you up always. Talk to your friends and family who bring positive vibes in your life. Have a positive self-image ’cause this same image gonna be reflected others. Enjoy going out and spending some time all alone.

Keep Your Surroundings Beautiful

If you live in a place which is messy, you start feeling low whether it’s your home or workplace. So, one very important though little, thing to feel good is keeping our place tidy and beautiful. Decorate your place the way you like, it surely gonna pep you up.

These little things definitely gonna bring some very positive changes in your life. So go ahead and enjoy all the shades of life and do make these little things a part of your life.

About the Author

Deeksha Tripathi is a blogger from India. She is a teacher, mom of a toddler and owner of "Wonderful Women" where she writes inspirational stories of real women who have made a difference to the world.
Blog:  Wonderful Women


  1. I like the be honest and think positively does help. However, having pet is not really an option for me since it is high maintenance, I would think, no?

  2. The drop down won't let me add my name/URL. This is Laurie from
    Being positive does make life a much easier existence but it isn't always achievable. I'm trying to fight my way out of depression due to the impending passing away of my beloved pet. I am trying to take it day by day, but I know that your post is right. It's just not easy (at times). Thank you for letting me ramble. :)

  3. Good reminder to not always focus on the materialistic things in life. There are more to life.

  4. These are such good points and really needed them today, thank you for sharing.

  5. Generosity is not one that I see people writing about often. It kind of supports all the other ones on the list as well!

  6. The little things make a big difference in life. This is so uplifting and motivational. A lot of people get caught up in material things when there’s a greater purpose in life than just that.

  7. These are excellent tips to remember. I think pets definitely enrich our lives as well.

  8. I can't agree more. If we can apprecite the small things, we can be happy no matter what we have. Gratitude is the basic of happiness.

  9. This such a lovely reminder. Always be thankful and think positively. Thank you for sharing this, dear!

  10. Gratitude is the key, indeed. And I have pets! Yay! I have two furbabies.. Thanks for sharing this kind of post. It is very useful..


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